A selection of our projects and references:

Sprachkurse-Weltweit Logo

Development of a Booking System

sprachkurse-weltweit.de is a language course agency for over 300 language schools in eleven different languages.
We replaced their old booking system with a new one. A challenging task, as the old data was both inconsistent and complex.
Using a flexible database in the background and Elm for frontend-development we successfully replaced the old system with the new one, step by step.

Nationalparksverwaltung Bayerischer Wald!

Nationalparksverwaltung Bayerischer Wald
Software Development

We developed a tool for Nationalparksverwaltung Bayerischer Wald that helps them analyze what areas and tours through the park people are interested in.

Juntidos - Einfach nur Kicken!

Juntidos: Consulting and Development

Juntidos is a free-of-charge platform to find people to play soccer with.
We consult Juntidos with technical problems and support the development of their app and platform.

pavoq - a marketplace for decorative shaders

pavoq: marketplace for decorative shaders

One of our own projects: WebGL-Shaders are small, fast and responsive by default.
pavoq is a marketplace to bring together shaderdevelopers and web designers.

pavoq makes it easy to integrate shaders onto websites and helps developers with administrative and payment work.

pavoq was developed in only a few month which was made possible by Elm’s rapid development speed.