Elm: a delightful language for reliable Web Apps

Elm is a great language for developing web apps. It follows lessons learned from pure functional programming: monadic side-effects and immutability lead to code without runtime exceptions, great performance and amazing maintainability.

At CurrySoftware we have been using Elm in production for nearly two years; generating great experience and success.

Now, we decided to share this experience with you and offer the following Elm Services:

What we do

Elm Community

Community Libraries: Improvements and Bugfixing

You use libraries from the official Elm package repository? We will fix bugs you find or implement improvements, take care of communication with package maintainers and try to get the changes merged upstream.

Elm Community

Library development

You have a need for a specific library, e.g. binding for some API or JavaScript library? We will develop it for you and then transfer ownership. This can happen either free and open-source on GitHub or closed source. In case of necessity, we naturally offer reduced rates for later maintenance.

Elm Community

Scaffolding for your Elm-App

You want to develop an Elm-App, but getting the boilerplate and structure done is too time consuming and complicated? We will build a scaffolding for your app with all the data structures, pages, decoders and encoders, routing and API-endpoints. With our template you will be able to jumpstart your new project.

Elm Community

Elm Support Contract

We provide assistance for your most important and pressing Elm related questions or problems, for up to 3 hours per week throughout three months. In case of a more profound topic, we adjust our rates according to time consumption.

We are looking forward to accompanying you through your Elm-Journey.

Please contact us for further details.