CurrySearch is a cloud-based On-Site Search with support for WordPress. CurrySearch can be integrated as a plugin, doesn’t need any configuration and integrates with your WordPress-Theme.

Summary of its functionality:

Install CurrySearch as WordPress Plugin.

You can follow the code and development of the CurrySearch WordPress-Plugin on GitHub.

Speedy and Relevant Search Results

relevant search results

Contrary to the built-in search of WordPress, CurrySearch lists more relevant results further up in the result list. To achieve this, both the content and the structure of your posts are analysed and a ranking formula is devised for every query.

The CurrySearch System is optimised for speed and thus answers queries in a matter of milliseconds. All computationally expensive operations are executed on our system and thus your WordPress-Site does not need any extra resources.

Error-Tolerant Autocompletion


Another feature not built into WordPress is query-autocompletion. Users know and appreciate that feature from mayor sites, especially on mobile devices.

CurrySearch offers a fast and error-tolerant autocompletion. Your content is fed into the system and it thus allows relevant results.

Filtering Search Results by Tags

filtering of search results

Another important feature that WordPress does not offer out-of-the-box is the filtering of search results. It makes finding desired documents simpler and faster. CurrySearch supports the filtering of results by tags.

The user interface integrates into your theme and is intuitive for the user.

16 Supported Languages

CurrySearch in the official WordPress Plugin Repository

CurrySearch on GitHub